Create a Basic Timeline in PowerPoint using Shapes and Tables

We already show you how to create timelines using OfficeTimeline addin for PowerPoint. But sometimes you may be needing a simple basic timeline template for your PowerPoint presentations and here we will show you how to create a basic timeline using just shapes and a table in PowerPoint. You can also create timelines using SmartArt in PowerPoint.

Basic PowerPoint timeline design for Presentations

First, you’d need to open a blank presentation or any of our free PowerPoint templates and draw a table in PowerPoint. You can apply some styles and colors using the design styles for tables. This will help you to make impressive PowerPoint presentations and combine nice tables.

Then you are ready to draw some shapes. Here we will use two shape designs: Pentagon and Chevron shapes in PowerPoint. These shapes will help us to draw activities. Pentagon shape is useful for the initial activity since only have an arrow style for the right side. Chevron shape in PowerPoint is useful for the internal activities since have an arrow effect in both sides of the shape.

Pentagon shape loos like this:

Chevron shape looks like this:

Finally we draw the shapes above the table so we can assign an activity for each task in the timeline. You can adapt this design to your timeline needs, for example if you are creating a timeline Gantt diagram this will look different, you can add some meeting or milestones for your project timeline. But this is also helpful if you need to create other timeline presentations or create timeline templates like inventions timeline PowerPoint templates or technology timeline PowerPoint templates.

Here you can see the final output.

[download free basic timeline for PowerPoint]

If you need a template like this, feel free to contact us and we can send you this .ppt file.