Using SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint as a Pro

If you are a PowerPoint professional then you’d like to take the most of this presentation software tool. SmartArt is a great alternative to create nice diagrams in PowerPoint with a few clicks. We have seen how we can convert text into powerful diagrams using SmartArt. Here we will show you how to customize SmartArt diagrams with the help of shapes in PowerPoint and shape options.

Let’s imagine that we are going to create a diagram for a psychology PowerPoint template. Maybe we want to add a emotional intelligence diagram. Besides we can buy this diagram from image stock sites we will show you here how we can make it for free in less than 5 minutes.

First, let’s open a new slide and enter the text to be used for the diagrams. You can keep a text hierarchy like this:

  • Emotional Intelligence
    • Perceiving Emotions
    • Using Emotions
    • Understanding Emotions
    • Managing Emotions

So, now refer to the article where we explained how to convert text to diagram in PowerPoint.

psychology emotional powerpoint

Converting the previous text into a Radial Venn diagram we can get something like this:

emotional intelligence diagram powerpoint

Now you can take advantage of formatting options to change the shape for each stage and change the background color.

In order to change individual shapes, you can select the shape stage first, then right click in the shape and look for Change Shape option.

psychology emotional

Finally you can do the same with colors. Just right click on the shape and choose Format Shape. Then choose the fill color.

psychology emotional intelligence diagram



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