4 DimDim Alternatives for Online Meetings and Distance Education

DimDim had known the most affordable, open source, easy collaboration for all your online meetings, desktop sharing, eLearning, training, webinar, free web meetings, distance education.

Since SalesForce has acquired the popular web conferencing solution Dimdim. Because of which now there is a need to look for some alternatives for all your web conferencing requirements. But what is the next best alternative? Bellow you can find some free web conferencing solutions.

1. Vyew

Vyew allows you to meet and share content in real-time or anytime. You can use Vyew to upload images, files, documents and videos into a conference room. Users can access and contribute at anytime and it supports Linux, Windows and Mac. The list of features of application include sharing, screen sharing, remote control, chat, recording, whiteboard, polls, voice notes, telephone conferencing, session scheduling and screen capture etc. The free version supports maximum 10 participants.

Learn more on Vyew.com

2. Join Me

It carries a screen sharing tool from LogMeIn along with a free version of chat, screen sharing, remote control and file transfer. It supports over 250 participants. And you can also have a conference call during your meeting.

Remote access id quite fast because of LogMeIn service.

Learn more on join.me

3.    VoiceThread

This web solution is more focused on document than screen sharing. VoiceThread could prove to be the best option, if you carry out online meeting through collaborating on a document or presentation. If you prefer a free version, it will include documents, images, and mostly videos with navigate slides for people and leave comments through telephone, computer microphone, webcam & text. Also has in- built feature whiteboard and recording.

 4.  Microsoft SharedView

By the use of this alternative you can share your documents or screen with more than one remote participant. It features file transfer, screen sharing, chat and remote control. Connect more than 15 people however, does not support audio conferencing.

These are just a few options, there are even more DimDim alternatives available.

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  2. Great alternatives to DimDim. Another option is deploying on premise RHUB web conferencing appliances in order to conduct webinars, web conferences, online meetings, web meetings etc.

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