Professional Newsletter Template For Word

One of the main tasks of a company is to keep in touch with their customers so that they are always interested about the brand and the products or services. Newsletters are a great and cost-effective means of marketing for building this kind of relationship with customers as well as prospective clients.


However, creating a professional newsletter that keeps clients engrossed can be time-consuming, especially because they should be churned out on a regular basis. Good thing there is the Professional Newsletter Template for Word that can help you create great-looking newsletters easily.

Use this Template for Regular Newsletters

The Professional Newsletter Template for Word is a reliable template that you can use for all the newsletters you need to create, print, and circulate on a regular basis. This newsletter template features 7 pages that are all premade and complete with layouts to give you a good idea of what your own newsletter looks like.


The first page contains the title and subtitle of the newsletter, which can be your company name and slogan or your newsletter masthead and slogan. Beside this is a superimposed image that you can change into your company photo or products. Below this is the tagline and the issue number.

In the body of the template is the headline. You can also change the text and the images to suit your own news and material. The image also has ready-made captions that you can edit with your own text.

Follow the Guides to Complete Your Newsletter

The newsletter template¬†contains sample text that also serve as guides as you complete your own newsletter. The text styles are varied for different functions, and these are also premade so all you have to do is to concentrate on your content. ¬†There are also tips to help you, especially if you are new to writing newsletters. Furthermore, there is a page where there is a big background image, which you can use for your company’s ads.

At the very last page of the newsletter, you can write your company name and slogan as well, including your contact information. There is also enough space for your logo.


This professional newsletter template is also printer-friendly, taking out the hassle of resizing and adjusting the margins.

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