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While there are a wide variety of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, any of them can be hardly suited for fulfilling the complex requirements of businesses, particularly due to lack of security measures and privacy options. This is why entrepreneurs and organization managers look for a more secure and personalized service in the form of corporate social networks. Yammer is an enterprise social network which offers business professionals the chance to communicate and share content (e.g. PowerPoint files) securely in the form of a private social network. It can be used not only for communication within an organization but also for communication between certain departments for a more personalized service which is often necessary for sensitive departments like Business Intelligence and R&D.

Yammer  Accessing Yammer

Using Yammer is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is to sign up with your corporate email address and verify your account via the verification email.

Sign Up For yammer

During the sign up process you will be asked to enter your personal information, the email addresses of your co-workers and optionally upload a profile picture.

Upload Profile Picture

After the sign up process is complete, you will be logged into your Dashboard from where you can communicate with co-workers within a secure and private social networking environment. Yammer offers all the basic features that you would expect in a social network including the option to invite friends, join communities, send/receive messages, upload and share different types of files, receive notifications, etc.

Yammer Dashboard

The security and privacy of Yammer is quite commendable as people not only within an organization but a department can securely share files and communicate with each other. This might mean sharing sensitive documents, forecasts, presentations and other types of documentation for better communication and enhanced privacy.

Yammer Share Files

A basic network at Yammer can be created free of cost, however Enterprise Networks cost $3 per user per month with a comprehensive enterprise social network and advanced security. The Sharepoint Online+Yammer package costs $4 per user per month and Yammer with Office 365 integration costs $8 per user per month.

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