Clock Clipart & Animations For PowerPoint

Clock clipart can be great for presenters to use in their slide decks. Clocks can be used to represent various themes in a presentation, such as; time management, crisis (difficult times), the need to keep up with changing trends, career planning, timelines, roadmaps, project plans and the like. If you need some good clipart to use time as a symbolic theme in your slides, then here is a list of clock clipart & animations for PowerPoint that you can easily integrate in your presentations.

The clipart and animations below come in easy to insert file types like PNG, JPG, GIF and MOV. These images and animations can be easily added not only to PowerPoint but also other types of presentation software like Keynote, Prezi, Google Slides, etc.

Best clock clipart and animations

Businessman Clock Animation

This animated clipart depicts a businessman moving like a needle on a clock. You can add captions to describe this animation in such a way that it perfectly integrates with your presentation topic. You can download this animation in GIF and MOV video format.

There is also a female version of this animation that you can download from the link below.

Go to Presenter Media – Businessman Clock Animation

Go to Presenter Media – Businesswoman Clock Animation

Businessman clock animation

Stick Figure Running in Clock Animation

Talk about running out of time! This animation depicts a stick figure running inside a clock. You can download this animation in GIF, MOV and SWF formats. There are also some customization options on the download page which allow changing the colors of the animation.

Go to Presenter Media – Stick Figure Running in Clock Animation

Stick figure running in clock clipart

Alarm Clock Going Off Animation

Alarm clocks can be used in presentations in a number of interesting ways. This alarm clock animation depicts an alarm clock going off, which can be used to depict time that has run out, time to wake up (e.g. to understand changing trends in the consumer market), time management and the like.

You can get this awesome animation as a GIF or MOV file from the Presenter media website.

Go to Presenter Media – Alarm Clock Going Off Animation

Alarm clock going off animation

Businessman Cuckoo Clock Clipart

Sometimes our busy lives make us like cuckoos on a clock. We tend to be tied to hectic schedules, with little or no time for our personal lives. This cuckoo clock clipart can be perfectly used to depict this dilemma, as well as other conundrums tied to time and time management.

This static clipart can be downloaded as JPG and PNG image files.

Go to Presenter Media – Businessman Cuckoo Clock Clipart

Businessman cuckoo clock clipart

Business Boxer Punching Clipart

This is another interesting clipart which can be used for various presentation topics. The clipart shows a stick figure punching a clock. This is quite a generic image and can be easily moulded according to your presentation topic.

Like other static clipart in this list, you can fetch this clipart image as a PNG or JPG file.

Go to Presenter Media – Business Boxer Punching Clipart

Business boxer punching clipart

Changing the Clock Clipart

Three stick figures trying to change time on a huge clock. This is the theme of this clipart, which is perfect for discussing daylight saving time changes. You can of course, also incorporate this image for other types of presentation topics.

Go to Presenter Media – Changing the Clock Clipart

Changing the clock clipart

For more clock and time clipart, animations and PowerPoint templates, see the link given below.

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