Peas On Earth Animated Christmas PowerPoint Template

The holidays are just around the corner as the “ber” months start to roll. As early as now, many people may already be preparing for Christmas and the holiday season. Many may even be starting to eye Christmas gifts and Christmas cards, and many other things for this celebrated season.

Add Some Pun to Your Holidays

So if you are a company, organization, or individual and you’re looking for a fitting PowerPoint presentation for the Christmas season, you can check out this template. This PowerPoint template isn’t the usual Christmas presentation template because it adds fun and pun to your slides. This Peas on Earth Animated Christmas PowerPoint Template features a single slide that has animations to reveal green peas under the Christmas tree.


This Peas on Earth Animated Christmas PowerPoint Template is a fun and unexpected template that any audience will appreciate as it plays on the “peace on earth” phrase using “peas” as a pun. The template takes the pun even further by making green peas the decorations on the Christmas tree.


Create Digital Greeting Cards

At first, you will not notice the green peas underneath the white foliage of the Christmas tree, but as you play the slide show, you will see the peas on the tree, which is an unexpected sight for a fun PowerPoint presentation. This template is great for personal, school, and office use. It can create a surprising and whimsical twist to traditional Christmas-themed presentations.

You can build your own Christmas themed slides from this single slide template by adding new slides and choosing from the many slide layouts available in the New Slide option in the Home and Insert menus. Here you can choose many slide layouts to suit however you want to showcase your content, whether these are Christmas themed proposals, a product showcase, a holiday photo album, or an event show.


You can also send this template as an email greeting with a personal message to be inserted as a text box on the slide. This will make as a digital greeting card for the holidays, which is free and in trend.

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