Circuit PowerPoint Template

Today, many companies and businesses are built in the technology industry, which is thriving and growing every day. If you are someone who works in this industry and is involved in enterprises such as mobile technology, apps, gaming, hardware, software, web, and many other similar fields, then you may find yourselves needing to create presentations. In this case, you need to create presentations that complement your industry. 

Futuristic, Streamlined Template for Technology Presentations

The Circuit PowerPoint Template is a clean, sophisticated and ultra-modern template that you can use for presentations about technology and circuitry. It features a solid dark blue background with circuit lines in light blue color, which gives it a glowing, futuristic effect. These circuit lines run along the sides of the slide, strategically framing the content like a border.

As with other professional PowerPoint templates, this one contains a set of sample slides that each features a specific layout for different functions. The 11 sample templates contain the same theme, with the widescreen format allowing you to make your content stand out and maximize information on each slide.

Create Interesting Visuals to Captivate Your Audience

Among the many layout styles include that of lists, tables, charts, SmartArt diagrams, text, transition, and photos. You can also add more new slides to your own presentation as you build it around this template. You can add, modify, delete, and rearrange the slides according to your presentation needs to ensure that your ideas and content is well-organized, visual, concise, and interesting.

You can also customize the template to your own desired color scheme, especially if you want to reinforce your company’s brand. Simply go to the Design menu on the Ribbon and choose the Themes, Colors, Fonts and Effects from the wide selection available. You can also change Background Styles as well as many other elements to personalize your template.

Change the Themes to Customize Your Template

This template is perfect for project management presentations, as well as for a wide variety of topics ranging from training, to proposals, testing, and financial reports.

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