Best Animated Christmas Tree Graphics For PowerPoint Presentations

The default clipart in MS Office is often not very visually appealing and using it in professional presentations might not help you win the hearts and minds of your audience. On the contrary, there are various online sources which provide much better clipart and animations, with the option to customize them. If you are looking for some nice Animated Christmas Tree Graphics for PowerPoint Presentations, then we have just what you need.

  Christmas tree graphics for PowerPoint

Christmas Tree Lights Flickering Animation

Using animated clipart can always make your slides more attractive and when it comes to Christmas, who doesn’t like a Christmas tree with fancy lights.

This animated clipart depicts an animated tree with flickering lights, which you can download as a GIF image to insert in your PowerPoint slides. Furthermore, you can even customize this animation by changing the background color, brightness, saturation, shadow and reflection. The Christmas Tree Lights Flickering is also downloadable in a custom resolution of your choosing.

Animated Christmas tree clipart

Other than PowerPoint, this animation is also available in popular video formats like Flash and Apple’s QuickTime format (MOV). You can therefore not only use this animation in presentations but also for making banner ads, in blog posts and for making animated greeting cards.

Go to Presenter Media – Christmas Tree Lights Flickering Animation

Christmas tree animation

A Christmas Tree with Presents Clipart

As the name suggests, this is a static clipart which depicts a Christmas tree with presents. You can download this clipart as a JPG or PNG file in a desired resolution with transparent, white or colored background. To customize the background, pick a color from the ‘Adjust Color’ menu from the developer’s website.

Go to Presenter Media – A Christmas Tree with Presents Clipart

A christmas tree with presents clipart

Stylized Christmas Tree Clipart

Designed like swooshes in red and green color, this is a stylish clipart depicting a Christmas tree with golden ornaments, with a customizable background and adjustable features.

Go to Presenter Media – Stylized Christmas Tree Clipart

Red adn green Christmas tree clipart

Festive Christmas Symbols Clipart With Custom Message

If you want a clipart that can reflect your branding, custom title or message, then you can use the Festive Christmas Star clipart. Other than basic customization options, you can add your own message via ‘Customize Your Message’ tab. Moreover, you can even add shapes and images to further personalize your clipart.

Christmas clipart with custom messaget

The below image shows this clipart with a custom message. We generated this clipart via the Presenter Media website (see link given below).

Go to Presenter Media – Festive Christmas Symbols Clipart With Custom Message

Generate custom Christmas clipart

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