Trek PowerPoint Template

Images and other details that make up your presentation should also support what your message is all about. That is why it is also important to choose a PowerPoint presentation theme that is not only suitable but should best complement your topic, brand or message. 

Clean and Professional General Purpose Presentation Template

The Trek PowerPoint Template is a uniquely designed template that can be used for any presentation topic that motivates the audience to move forward, take a journey, or seek to reach the top in any of their endeavors. Whether in life, in their career, or in school, this template can help you make that so-called trek on the right path.

This general use template looks like a sand dune in the dessert. Upon closer look, it features a cream and gold pinstripe design that goes straight and up to the top of the slide. There is also a light and shadow effect that serves as a gradient on the template, allowing you to focus on each slide’s content while adding interest to the whole presentation.

Use This Template to Motivate Your Audience

For the cover slide, the template features the title at the bottom left edge of the slide. It is in bold black text with a shadow effect, giving a subtle highlight to the title while the subtitle is in smaller font size on top. You can add a short abstract, short detail or description on the subtitle.

To add more slides, you can click on New Slide on the Home Menu in the Ribbon. This will open you to a wide array of layout choices that have the same background, design, style and format as the cover slide. This way, whatever layout you choose, you can be sure that your slides will have the same look, giving you cohesion and uniformity in your whole presentation.

The different slide layouts allow you to present all sorts of data: reports, comparisons, lists, timelines, images, processes, etc. The PowerPoint template gives you many ways to make the most out of each slide so it is visual, informative, and memorable to your audience.

Choose From An Array of Professional Layout Options

And because this template is in PowerPoint Online, you can easily access it using your OneDrive account on your browser, whether you are using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

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