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Create Brand Slides in PowerPoint with

Create Brand Oriented Slides

When it comes to branding, it’s important that you remain consistent and prevalent in all the materials you churn out. From brochures to company profiles, and even in your inter-company correspondence, branding is important. In PowerPoint presentation, even more so. PowerPoint presentations are effective tools in conveying information within your company as well as to …

How To Make Infographics in PowerPoint

Creating Infographics is a concise yet highly informative way of conveying your message to your audience. Through infographics, you can tell an otherwise lengthy process, story, history, and comparison in one page. However, creating infographics using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe AfterEffects, or even Adobe PowerPoint can be a time-consuming and meticulous process.  Anyone who would want …

Screen Recording in Windows with PowerPoint

Take Screenshot in PowerPoint

If you’re looking for a way to capture your screen, look no further. Believe it or not–Microsoft PowerPoint has that function. You don’t need to download a new app or even pay for a premium service for a task that’s practically simple and straightforward. In fact, PowerPoint makes it very easy to capture your screen …

How To Animate Slide Objects Using Morph in PowerPoint

Recently, Microsoft has been rolling out some amazing design options that can blow away any audience. We previously brought you an overview of PowerPoint Designer, which provides automatic layout suggestions for added images in PowerPoint. We found another exclusive design feature added by Microsoft to PowerPoint, PowerPoint for Android and PowerPoint Mobile, known as Morph.