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PhotoStage Slideshow Software

Easily Edit Photos with Drag and Drop Feature

Pictures speak a thousand words, and with the right photo slideshow software, you can definitely create a story. Whether you want to organize your photos for viewing or you want to showcase your latest vacation snaps, PhotoStage Slideshow Software will take care of it for you. PhotoStage is one of the easiest, most user-friendly photo …

Unveiling PresenterMedia Add-In for PowerPoint

PresenterMedia is one of the best PowerPoint templates provider that offers you a monthly or annual subscription model to get access to thousands of premium PowerPoint templates, 3D resources and PowerPoint animations. The aforementioned can be used for creating awesome and professional looking PowerPoint presentations. Recently, PresenterMedia launched a new add-in, which is available for free …

How To Fix I Cannot Open PowerPoint Files

If you frequently receive PowerPoint files through email, communication apps like Slack or Skype, or download presentations from various online platforms in formats such as PPT or PPS, you might occasionally encounter difficulties in opening them. This common issue often manifests when a user attempts to access such attachments, only to be met with an …

Personalize and Create Video Presentations with Knovio

Knovio Video Demo

Many presentation professionals struggle with putting their vision into reality. Their creativity may know no bounds, but it all becomes a source of frustration when they can’t translate it clearly and accurately in their presentations and communications materials. Knovio is an advanced tool that you can use to create video presentations.

How to Add New Shapes to Existing SmartArt Graphics

Hierarchy SmartArt Graphic for Organizational Charts

SmartArt graphics are widely used these days in Microsoft Office, particularly in PowerPoint, as a tool to visualize information. With SmartArt graphics, you can create attractive designs that also convey a story or a message. Therefore, your documents, in this case, your slideshows, will be tidier and more concise. Learn all about how to add …

How to Convert SmartArt to Text in PowerPoint

Vertical Picture List SmartArt

PowerPoint 2016 has many new amazing features, and one of those is converting existing bulleted lists into SmartArt graphics. This is very convenient if you want to create powerful visuals. It also helps you avoid chunky blocks of text that are definitely big no-nos in slides. However, what if you need to do something the …