Caduceus Symbol Medical PowerPoint Template

The Caduceus symbol is an enduring symbol of medicine, dating back to its ambiguous, controversial beginnings, as the caduceus was a symbol of Hermes or Mercury, which is associated with commerce and negotiation. However, it was adopted by the US Army Medical Corps in the 1900s and has since been used by the medical and healthcare field.


The Caduceus Symbol Medical PowerPoint Template is the perfect template that you can use to give homage to the rich history of the Caduceus symbol and the field of medicine it represents. This template is perfect if you are involved in the medical and health field, like if you are a doctor, medical representative, nurse, or hospital administrator.

Medical-Themed Template

This Caduceus Symbol Medical PowerPoint Template features a gradient blue background with a darker blue-gray outline of the caduceus symbol. There is also a light effect on the upper left-hand side of the slide. Here you can also type your presentation title and subtitle.

The template also has 5 premade slides which are ready for you to create your own presentation. If you want to create more slides, you can simply click on the Home menu and then click on New Slide to add new slides to your presentation. Here, you have a variety of layout options that allow you to present your information in many interesting ways.


Easily Customizable for Your Preference

You can add tables, charts, diagrams, images, and other objects to your slides. There is even a blank slide that allows you to create your own layout. With this caduceus symbol medical template, you don’t have to worry about how your presentation will look. The slides all look cohesive and professional.

You can also upload this template to your OneDrive account to whip up a professional medical themed presentation.


You only need to open your browser and you already have a professional looking template for your presentations anytime you need it.

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