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A biography depicts the life of a person, usually someone well-known. There are many biographies written about authors themselves, as well as world leaders, presidents and politicians, celebrities, business tycoons, athletes, as well as those people whose lives serve to inspire others.


If you are in school and are tasked with a project on creating a biography report then you will find this Biography Report PowerPoint Template very handy. This template will help you create a well-organized and impressive biography more easily compared to making one from scratch.

Share the Life of Inspirational People

This Biography Report PowerPoint Template features 8 premade slides starting with the title slide, which contains the title of the biography report. Here you can also write as a subtitle a famous quote from the subject of your biography, as well as a picture. You can also include here your name, your teacher, and your grade.

There is already sample text and placeholders to show you how your presentation will look like. In the sample, the subject of the biography is ‘Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King’.


Meanwhile, the inside slides are already organized chronologically according to the life of the subject of your biography report. It starts with the slide for the childhood, and there are guide questions so you know the information that you need to include in each slide, making your report highly informative and concise.

Easily Organize Important Life Events

Other parts of the slideshow template include married life, significant contributions to society and history, family life, global impact and travel, and legacy. You can of course add more slides depending on the topics you want to tackle. You can also change the topics as well by typing your own topics and even subtopics.


If the theme of white and light brown is not your preference, you can of course change it by going to the Design Menu and formatting the theme or background to your liking.

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