Sinking in Water Animations For PowerPoint

When it comes to showing a sense of alarm or depicting a bad situation, the concept of sinking comes to mind. You can incorporate this theme in your slides with the help of illustrations and animations to make a solid impact on your audience. Here are various sinking in water animations for PowerPoint that can help you make your presentations more attention grabbing.

Sinking in water animations for PowerPoint

Sinking Home Video Background for PowerPoint

This is a video background which shows a house on an island that sinks as the animation proceeds. This video animation has placeholders for adding your own text, with some additional customization features on the download page for optional adjustment of color, brightness and saturation.

This video animation is available in PPTX format for PowerPoint users, as well as in Windows Media Video, Flash Video and MOV format.

Go to Presenter Media – Sinking Home Video Background for PowerPoint

Sinking home video background for PowerPoint

Doing All of the Work Animation

You can grab this interesting GIF animation in different resolutions. It depicts three stick figures in a sinking boat, where only one of them is trying to save the rest.

You can add this GIF like any image file in PowerPoint and drag to readjust the size. Other than GIF, this sinking boat animation is also downloadable as a MOV or SWF file.

Go to Presenter Media – Doing All of the Work Animation

Doing all the work animation for PowerPoint

Stick Figure in Boat Bailing Water Animation

This is a similar animation which only shows one stick figure in a sinking boat. Like the animation above, the supported formats for this animation include GIF, SWF and MOV.

Go to Presenter Media – Stick Figure in Boat Bailing Water

Stick figure in boat bailing water

Sinking Row Boat Animation

If you simply need a standalone animation of a sinking boat then this is a simple depiction of a row boat with a sink leak hole. You can use this animation for various topics, such as to represent disaster, failure, setbacks, a bad financial performance, etc.

Go to Presenter Media – Sinking Row Boat Animation

Sinking boatf GIF animation

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