Brainstorming Collaboration Template For Excel Online

Brainstorming is not as brain-wracking as you think it is. Brainstorming can be an easy task, if you know how to do it right. All you need is creativity, lots of ideas, and awesome tools to help you make your brainstorming sessions as productive as you can. You can also have a team with you so you can make collaborative efforts as you pool your ideas together.


The Brainstorming Collaboration Template for Excel Online is a great tool that you can use to make the most out of your brainstorming sessions with your team. With this free and easy template, you can make brainstorming sessions a breeze, allowing you to get your mind up and running so you can focus more on what matters–getting your ideas and creativity overflowing.

This free Excel template can be found online and is also easy to use and share for real-time collaboration.  You can upload it to OneDrive and use the sharing tools you have there to collaborate with people on any project that requires brainstorming.


This Excel template features a set of worksheet template that is specially designed for brainstorming. This ensures that all features are maximized for what you’re going to do. The template in Excel comes in the form of tables, each in separate worksheet tabs.

There is one Brainstorming Summary tab and there are a number of worksheet tabs for each member of your brainstorming team. The template provides you with premade worksheets to serve as your guide.

The individual tabs already have names for each, and it contains a table where you can type your ideas, pros, and cons. You can list up to ten, as you can see in the template, or you can list as many more as you can. Then, in the Brainstorming Summary, you can list all your combined ideas pros, cons, and the user rankings of each idea, to be answered by each member of your team.


There’s a column for each of the members of your team so they can type in their rankings on which idea is best for them. The rank scale has 5 as the highest.

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