How To Organize An Effective Creative Brainstorming Session

When it’s time to prepare a powerful PowerPoint Presentation, brainstorming ideas are the biggest foundation. Everyone knows that productive brainstorming sessions are quite important to make outstanding presentations.

Nowadays, brainstorming is critical for the growth of creative business ideas and new ventures. It is primarily a technique of using ideas from a group of people to give ongoing encouragement to that group to generate more fresh ideas.

Effective Creative Brainstorming

Before you deliver a PowerPoint presentation in front of an audience, jumping into a brainstorming session can be highly useful.

Use An Inspiring Space

The ineffective way of brainstorm is in a comfortless room with simple speaking. Instead, fill the brainstorming space with interesting and motivational posters and enables the space to be organized in a round table format. You also need to provide materials to the people including: Slinky, modeling clay, bulletin boards and marker boards.

Focus On Quantity

Only laying emphasis on coming up with the best idea promotes judgement, which is just not the point of brainstorming. Rather, a brainstorming session aims to generate as many ideas as possible and does not strive to develop only 3-4 ideas. It hardly affects how unrealistic they are.

Have The Right People

Remember, the room should be packed with the staff members who are not too close to the problem which is being discussed. Do ensure that someone represents the client, who is well versed with the client’s desires and requirements. Also, do not just include creative minds; throw some uncreative ones in the room where they can show their latent creativity.

Eradicate Negative Thinking

Brain stormers need to feel like they can share any idea that comes to their mind without having to fear or defend it. Try to eliminate responses such as: We tried and failed since this type of comments stops creativity. Thus, do not get too judgmental about anything and record the ideas as they come.

Keep Time Limit in Mind

No doubt, the mind can stay stimulated for a specific time period only which means if the session is stretched to more than 30 minutes it may not be as effective as it needs to be. Therefore, give the participants a time constraint which will give them a sense of urgency to develop ideas that give desirable results.

Equal Importance

To be the facilitator of the session, use someone other than the boss. The one who can help the session going as nothing kills a brainstorming session than an authority figure. If you will bring the boss into a session, the participants may just agree with something he/she says instead of sharing their own ideas and imagination. Even though, the boss can join but does not allow him to take control over the session.

When engaging, employees in the next brainstorming session, use these above mentioned useful tips. Who knows if you will be able to develop something significant?

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