Birthday Invitation Maker Templates For PowerPoint

Aside from informing your guests about the event and its details, Birthday Invitations also set the tone as well as show the theme of your celebration. Usual invitations tell people about the date, time and place of the party. Others also add details such as forms of entertainment, programs, food, and generally what to expect from the event. You can go ahead and buy generic invitations from the store or you can try these amazing Birthday Invitation Maker Templates for PowerPoint.

birthday card maker templates for powerpoint

Build Hype for Your Special Day

The first PowerPoint Template we will discuss is a PowerPoint Online template. This means you can open this from your browser using your Microsoft account. You can also save the template to your computer and personalize it from there.

This template is designed to convey a fun and laid-back celebration. It features a blue ray pattern on a two-tone gold background. The color combination makes it suitable for either male or female celebrants. The template is pretty much standard and can even be used for making invitations for corporate or fundraising events, concerts, plays, and many more.

The main heading, which is the event title itself, is in big bold letters that instantly attracts the attention of anyone reading the invitation. The details are written below it, on a blue band going diagonally across the invitation. Even below it are more details, such as RSVP and venue.

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Interesting and Fun Birthday Invitation for PowerPoint Online

Shower The Birthday Celebrant with Love

This PowerPoint Online Template is a Pink Birthday Greeting Card Template that you can use for greeting your friend, family member, or other loved one. This template contains a high-contrast, pink and green background with a vintage-looking scratch design that gives it a whole new personality and look.

The simple “Happy Birthday” greeting in this two-fold birthday greeting card template is simple yet fun. There is also a message on the inside of the card, which occupies the second slide. You can add your own personalized greeting on the front of the card, which is the first of the two slides. You can also edit the inside message to reflect your very own birthday greetings.

Although this template is a birthday card, you can easily edit it into a two-page, folding birthday invitation, by editing all the text and changing it with your own party details.

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Create Birthday Greeting Cards or Party Invitations in a Snap

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