Best Websites For Online Training And Distance Learning

Distance learning programs include many online degree programs, including free online courses. In the wake of the Open Education Initiative and various e-learning sources that have spring up in recent years, one can easily acquire technical training and certifications from home, without having to visit any type of training center. Such resources include video tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, e-books, etc. These resources are provided by many institutes and online businesses which offer training for prestigious courses. Moreover, you can even search and sign up for various arts and science based degree programs from different universities and get certified via online training and examination. Let’s take a look at some of the best websites for finding and downloading educational content and enrolling for online degree programs.

Online Training And Distance Learning Programs

Lynda (IT And Business Skills Training)

Among the various websites that offer IT based training videos, is a leading name. This website provides the most up-to-date courses for all kinds of operating systems and famous desktop applications/application suites, ranging from tutorials about Microsoft PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Word to Android, Apache, Apple products, 3D Animation applications, etc. Other than IT based training, Lynda also provides videos for sharpening your business skills, collaboration, career development and the like. In previous posts we also brought you some such posts about Microsoft PowerPoint and its usage for business professionals. You can see these reviews and benefits for these tutorials from our posts about

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CBT Nuggets (IT Training)

Like Lynda, CBT Nuggets is one of the best website for acquiring IT based video tutorials. Whether you are looking to master SQL or wish to pass Microsoft training programs like MCSE, MCTIP or MCSA, CBT Nuggets has training video sets for all kinds of IT based training courses. CBT Nuggets provides specific videos for learning various types of operating systems, computer applications, etc. Moreover, many training sets are made in accordance with the syllabus of certifications courses offered by companies like Microsoft, Apple, CISCO, ORACLE and the like.

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CBT Nuggets

Apple Training Program

In a recent post we covered the Apple Training Program in detail and how you can become a certified expert in Apple technologies. The apple certification program also allows taking tests online and you can also find training resources from Apple suggested sources before taking your certification exams. To find out about Apple certifications, refer to our post about Apple Certification Exams.

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Apple Training and Certification

StuDocu (Free study materials and lecture notes)


StuDocu is an online sharing platform where students and educators can access study materials and lecture notes worldwide. Covering a wide variety of subjects, their platform helps over 15 million students every month access to over 8 million study resources.

Khan Academy (Learn Almost Anything For Free)

Khan Academy is one of the most famous e-learning resources online. This website rightly has the slogan “Learn almost anything for free”. At Khan Academy you can use the various videos, interactive challenges, and assessments for learning and sharpening skills related to Science and Economics, Computer Science, Humanities, Math and more.

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ALISION (Free Online Courses)

ALISION is a website that offers free online learning resources for basic and essential workplace skills. The website offers high-quality, interactive multimedia courses which can be completed for a free certification from ALISION. For more details, see our post about free courses by ALISION.

Free Online Courses, Workplace Skills

MOOC List (Search For Massive Open Online Courses )

MOOC List is a good resource for finding Massive Open Online Courses for distance learning. At MOOC List you can search and find various types of courses for distant learning and acquire free education online. For more details, see this post about MOOC List.


Degrees Hub (Search Free Degree Programs)

This is another good source for searching out free degree programs.Online Degrees Hub provides a search engine for finding online degree programs based on the Degree Type, Category and precise Subject. You can find out more about this website from our post about Degrees Hub.


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