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Pearson Success Net: Online Education Platform For K-12

There are a number of tools and online educational platforms which enable students and teachers to interact online. While you can start your own e-learning initiative using tools as simple as Office Mix or iSpring Pro, organizing your content, test scores and providing students with access to online resources is more complicated.

Create Web & Mobile Ready Video Tutorials in PowerPoint With iSpring Pro

There are a number of plugins and application suites which can help you make video presentations and tutorials and publish them online using PowerPoint. Some famous tools in the list include; Camtasia Studio, Articulate Storyline and Adobe Presenter. iSpring provides a number of video authoring products such as iSpring Pro and the more feature rich …

Design A Continuous Improvement Model Diagram in PowerPoint For PDCA Presentations

A few decades back we saw the rise of continuous improvement initiatives like Kaizen. Since then, continuous improvement has become a key part of corporations looking to improve their products and services.

Comment Bubble: Get Feedback For The Best & Worst Parts Of Your Videos

Many people use YouTube channels to market products, showcase their talents, to make video tutorials and guides about things that interest them. Audience feedback usually comes in the form of a ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ or via rude comments from trolls. Convert Web Content into Video Tutorials And Presentations

Have you ever created a video presentation or recorded a lesson doing hours of recording and editing of content with the help of multiple applications? There is an easier way! is a web app which allows you to instantly convert web content into video lessons and presentations.

Best Websites For Online Training And Distance Learning

Distance learning programs include many online degree programs, including free online courses. In the wake of the Open Education Initiative and various e-learning sources that have spring up in recent years, one can easily acquire technical training and certifications from home, without having to visit any type of training center. Such resources include video tutorials, …

PowerPoint For Mac 2011 Essential Training Course

In previous posts we have reviewed a number of online training courses by, including the PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training Course, PowerPoint Shortcuts Training, PowerPoint Tips And Tricks For Business Presentations and the PowerPoint Audio And Video in-Depth training course. If you are a Mac user and wish to learn some fine tips for making …

PowerPoint 2010: Audio And Video in Depth Training Course

When creating presentations many people often underestimate the use of audio and video files which can be integrated within slides to have a more lasting impact on the audience. As visual content, particularly videos mixed with sound can affect all human senses simultaneously; the right mix of these elements can result in an effective and …

Increase Presentation Efficiency With PowerPoint 2010 Power Shortcuts Training

In order to master the art of using a computer based application or operating system, one must be aware of its shortcuts. These shortcuts may include knowledge of various features that can enhance your productivity, including; hotkeys, easier methods of using specific features and workarounds to laborious tasks. Previously, we brought you a review of …

Become A PowerPoint Pro With The PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training Course

People seldom have the time to take regular training classes to learn a new skill. However, computer based training videos provide people with the flexibility to learn new skills at a time of their convenience. When it comes to IT based training videos, is a well known-name. In the PowerPoint 2010 Essential Training course by …