Become A Certified Expert By Taking An Apple Certification Exam Online

You might have heard of MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) or MCTIP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) exams which can help one become a certified Microsoft professional. However, being a certified Apple expert also has its perks and the best part of Apple exams is that you can also take them online. This means that there is no need for going through laborious registration processes or a need to reach the Test Center on time, as you can complete your online certificate courses from the comfort of your home.

Apple Certification Exams

Why Take Apple Certification Exams?

Apple Certification Programs are for IT Professionals who wish to get certified for their expertise in Apple Products. Getting apple certified does not mean that you might be any better at using Apple products as you were before but its rather an endorsement of your skills by the big boss himself. Getting certifications from companies like Apple, Microsoft or CISCO for their products can be quite useful in proving your expertise in a specific field, related to certain products (e.g. operating systems, desktop applications or server/hardware administration and configuration). For example, a MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification can help you prove your skills in the proficient use of applications like PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Word, similarly, there is also an Apple equivalent exam for iWorks.

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How Can Certifications Help Your Career?

A few years back I took training for MCSE, however I never took the Microsoft exam myself. The reason was because I moved away from network and server administration in favor of other career options. This does not mean that I am not proficient at what I learned but rather it means that I didn’t got the extra mile because of change in career. However, for those who wish to stay in this line of work, a certification is almost compulsory to get a good job. Depending upon the professional outlook of your country’s IT industry and your career level, certifications are necessary to keep the career of an IT professional alive, i.e. unless you have already made a name for yourself based on your experience and past portfolio as an IT Professional.

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Benefits of Apple, Microsoft And CISCO Certifications For IT Professionals

If you are looking to work for a company like IBM or even a Teleco operator, you will most definitely need a certification to prove your skills. Similarly, if you wish to land a job for the administration of Mac based networks (e.g. using Mac OS X server and Apple Technologies) you will require a certification like ACSA (Apple Certified System Administrator). To make it short, you will require a certification to not only get a good job and prove your skills but also to further climb the ladder up the IT food chain. For example, CISCO experts often start with a CCNA certification, followed by a CCSP (Cisco Certified Security Professional) or CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional), this might be followed by a CCIE, which is one of the most prestigious CISCO certifications and can really help you boost your career.

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How To Take Apple Exams Online?

Taking Apple exams online is easy, all you have to do is to go to Apple Certification Program’s Online Testing Center website (see link at the end of this post) and register for your exam and enter your name how you want it displayed on your certificate, once done, proceed with your exam. A tutorial will also become accessible from each exam’s information page and you will be able to acquire assistance during your exam by clicking on the “?” icon (located at the top right side).

Apple Online Testing Center

To register for your exam, see the instructions via the link given below.

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