6 Best Marketing Automation Software & Services in 2023

Last updated on October 5th, 2023

With many businesses maintaining at least some kind of online presence and many relying completely from online sales, market automation is all but necessary for the survival of many commercial entities. Not only does market automation provide the opportunity to target a large chunk of potential customers from across the web but it also makes tedious tasks easier to manage. Let’s take a look at some of the best marketing automation software and services that you can use for increasing your clientele and revenue.

Best marketing automation tools

What is Marketing Automation?

Before we dwell into the pros and cons of various marketing automation software and services, let’s first explore what is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the use of technologies which are designed to aid the marketing department and individuals looking to effectively market products and services using tools like websites, email, social media and the like.

Many a time marketing consultants are hired on a part-time basis to enhance the sales and revenue of an organization by increasing customer base. Some organizations might even have a dedicated marketing department or consultants who might work on a project to project basis.

Many marketing professionals make use of handy tools that enable them to effectively do the aforementioned by using software and services that can calculate the target market and appropriate time for contacting end users or engage users visiting a website. For example, one may use a tool for email marketing to send out newsletters at a time when end users are expected to be most responsive in a region or schedule posts on a Facebook page or Twitter account when it might be most effective.

Marketing automation is a diverse field and might have many facets. It can be tied to a number of other fields and marketing strategies such as; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPP), Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), etc.

To put it in a nutshell, marketing automation tools and services might be used to plan, manage, calculate and coordinate strategies to reach the appropriate customer base in an effective manner.

For some recommendations regarding software and services that you can use for marketing automation, see our list of five top resources mentioned below.

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1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

When it comes to CRMs and marketing, Salesforce is one of the most common and respected names in the business. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform which delivers marketing tools that can be used to effectively market your products and services via email, mobile and social media, with analytics to identify trends and target customers; as well as to collect behavioral data that can help you increase sales.

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  Salesforce marketing cloud solution for automated marketing

2. SalesFusion

Salesfusion provides automation software for marketing purposes that can be used by B2B companies to enhance their sales. Salesfusion is like a fusion of various useful marketing services integrated into one. It supports many big names such as Salesforce itself, as well as CRMs from other well-known service providers such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage CRM and Infor CRM.

Salesfusion offers a plethora of marketing services ranging from campaign management, email marketing, lead capture, lead to revenue management, visitor tracking for websites, social marketing and more.

Salesfusion makes use of many well-known marketing tools, be it Adwords or Salesforce, with a mix of its own integrated solutions which can be used for marketing automation purposes.

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Salesfusion marketing solutions

3. Oracle Marketing Cloud

While it might not be the cheapest marketing management platform, however, when it comes to strategic planning, marketing analytics, a reliable marketing software platform and social media campaigns, Oracle Marketing Cloud can be quite handy.

When you visit the Oracle Marketing Cloud website, you will see sections for cross channel marketing, content, marketing, social marketing and the data management platform. The content marketing features allow marketing automation for B2B businesses and consumer marketers. It is no surprise that this feature of Marketing Cloud provides behavioral data to boost sales. Similarly, content marketing features at Oracle’s Marketing Cloud helps create content relevant to consumers, to map customers and integrate it with cross-channel campaigns. The same way, there are tools for social marketing and data management.

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Oracle marketing cloud

4. Marketo

Marketo provides subscription based products for marketing automation. Its wide range of tools provide lead management, sales insight, revenue cycle related analytics, social, mobile and email marketing solutions. Whether you wish to gain meaningful insight for website optimization, want to interact with users based on their mobile device usage habits, need to attract more consumers or run an effective marketing campaign via the Internet, Marketo has some nice tools that can help you with all that.

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5. Salesmate

Salesmate is a unified customer journey and automation platform preferred by many growing companies. It offers advanced automation features that can help your team create and execute successful campaigns.

Salesmate CRM comes with extensive, powerful features such as marketing automation, workflow automation, sales automation, lead generation, email automation, built-in calling, and text messaging. Moreover, you can also capture leads with features such as web forms, live chat, and meeting scheduler.

With Marketing automation, you can create personalized and targeted campaigns, A/B test emails to measure performance, score leads to prioritize important ones, and create different automation journeys based on different situations.

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6. HubSpot

If you are looking for an economical marketing solution, then HubSpot is perhaps a good choice. HubSpot is focused towards inbound marketing, which entails promotion via blogs, eBooks, videos, newsletters, SEO strategies, social media marketing, etc.

HubSpot is a complete suite of marketing tools that can help you monitor, track and convert leads, streamline your content, build automated workflows and more.

HubSpot is one of the largest marketing automation companies and has a significant market share in the business which makes it a major player in the provision of services for automating your marketing tasks, increasing leads and revenue. Furthermore, with a $200 per month basic package, it is also one of the cheapest options for automated marketing on a large scale.

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Final Words

There are lots of available options for marketing automation software; however, not all are effective. Therefore, it is important to choose the right one that suits your business requirements and budget. With the right tools in place, you can be on your way to improved sales and customer retention. So, are you ready to try yet another new software? Or do you need some more convincing? In case of doubt or lackagness in picking the right tool, we have put together a short buyer’s guide that explains everything you need to know before making any decision.

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