Best Map Maker Templates For PowerPoint

Maps can play an extremely significant role in certain presentations. This is particularly true for presentations on subjects that are related to history, geography, business expansion, etc. Generally, presenters use still images of maps that result in either confusing the audience or making the whole exercise dull for them. Therefore, PowerPoint Map Templates can come in handy and play an all-important role in keeping the audience engaged. Slide Model is a website worth mentioning in this regard, as one can find excellent map maker templates at this PowerPoint templates portal.

Map Maker Templates for PowerPoint

1. PowerPoint Maps for Countries, Continents and The Whole World

Slide Model offers several templates of the world map, along with that of continents and different countries. This impressive range includes area-specific maps as well as those that cover an entire region. Thus, Slide Model is one of the best options available to access extremely useful material for designing a map-based presentation.

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2. World Map PowerPoint Template With Connectors

This remarkable PowerPoint Template provides a world map and pointers that help identify connections of any kind in different parts of the world. For instance, this template can be used to reveal different outlets of a given franchise across a particular region or the presence of a business group on a global scale. Therefore, the template is appropriate for any type of presentation that involves the World Map and can be used for academic, business or personal purposes.

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World Map With Connections

3. World Map With Map Pointers for PowerPoint

In case you require a flat map that offers large pointers in the form of clipart, then this template is just what you need. Making use of the template you can mark various areas of the world map by maneuvering the available pointers. These pointers (GPS icons) can easily be moved, copied or deleted. Moreover, numerous color layouts can also be put to some good use as a result of which the user can finalize a visually attractive presentation.

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World Map With Map Pointers for PowerPoint

4. Europe Map PowerPoint Template

Alongside different continental templates the Europe map PowerPoint Template provides a complete and detailed map of Europe with GPS icons that can be used as pointers.

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Europe map PowerPoint Template

5. US Map PowerPoint Template

The US Map PowerPoint Template provides a comprehensive map of the United States in various layouts with markers to identify specific locations. This template alongside other such templates can be downloaded from the link given below.

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US Map Template for PowerPoint

Slide Model not only provides a plethora of amazing Map templates for PowerPoint but also offers templates for making business analysis and financial presentations, educational presentations, as well as generic presentations on a wide range of topics, be it about the environment, technology or a personal hobby.

Find professional maps for PowerPoint presentations with 100% editable elements.

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