Interactive Maps

Software, web apps and templates for making interactive maps. You can use the tools mentioned in posts below to create a range of interactive maps for your presentations, websites and other projects.

The posts in this section provide detailed reviews and guides to help create different types of maps; with step by step guidelines for creating professional looking interactive maps.

Also see these reviews about PowerPoint Map Templates which enable creating slides with maps from different parts of the world.

Best Europe Maps For PowerPoint Slides

When incorporating maps in PowerPoint presentations many people opt for images downloaded from the Internet. The downside of doing so is that you are unable to customize these images to pin point exact locations or to single out parts of a map. There are a few websites which offer some finely crafted presentation templates for …

Best Map Maker Templates For PowerPoint

Maps can play an extremely significant role in certain presentations. This is particularly true for presentations on subjects that are related to history, geography, business expansion, etc. Generally, presenters use still images of maps that result in either confusing the audience or making the whole exercise dull for them. Therefore, PowerPoint Map Templates can come …

SlideModel Provides The Best PowerPoint Diagrams, Maps And Templates

SlideModel is a website that offers one of the most extraordinary PowerPoint Templates, diagrams, maps, PowerPoint Shapes and process charts that you are ever likely to find. SlideModel provides a complete range of high quality PowerPoint templates; from generic topics to specific subjects like a SWOT analysis, Kano Model, supply and demand model and more.

Build Sophisticated Dashboards To Present Data With SAP Crystal Dashboard

In previous posts we have covered many web services that allow keeping an eye on important business tasks by making a custom dashboard. Some examples include, Geckoboard and Ducksboard. However, when it comes to acquiring more elaborate business data from databases and spreadsheets, Xcelsius Dashboards (now known as SAP Crystal Dashboard Design) is one of …