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Product management entails the planning, production, marketing and forecasting of different products in a company. Effective product management is key to successfully launching products and sustaining their market. Going in blind is not an option for product developers, especially when heavy investment is involved. is a web service which gives a complete set of tools to product managers for more effectively managing their products.

What is helps product managers with the why, when and what of products, by enabling them to create complex product portfolios, complete with timelines, goals, release strategies and more. With you can create a comprehensive business model, where you can plan and forecast as to what your goals are and how you intend to pursue them for launching a successful product.

Aha product management solution

Getting Started

You can start using this product management tool by signing up for a 30-day free trial. The trial is fully functional and you can get a good idea about the service by going through their fictional product roadmap.

Start building your business model

Managing your Product using Aha

Once you sign up for you can begin by adding your product by entering a product line, name, description, prefix and choosing a color to associate with your product.

Add product

In the section that follows, you will be asked to enter details about product features, summary, type (New product, Improvement, Bug Fix or Research), description, with the option to attach associated files relevant to the product.

Add product features

Create a Comprehensive Business Model

Once the initial details have been added, you can proceed with creating a detailed product management strategy, by adding a vision that defines your market landscape, 12-18 month measurable objectives as your goals, your initiatives, competitor information, milestones, roadmaps, etc.

Create your custom business model

With Aha you can define product strategy, set plans for your target market, collaborate to create a comprehensive business model and set a workable strategy with measurable goals for your product release.

Aha io product goals demo

You can enable stakeholders to submit ideas, view features as cards for better product management and to work on specific product features or fixes, as well as measure the impact of your product’s features via a given scoring system. Aha is also quite compatible with Agile Methodology, allowing cross functional, self-organising teams to collaborate in the development process.

Product diagram Video Demo

Here is a video that walks you through the different features of

The strength of Aha is also somehow its downside. This is because once you add your product, the rest of the interface can appear to be quite intimidating. This is because there are too many options to work with and the interface can appear quite muddled. Aha will be particularly difficult to use for product management newbies and there seems to be no set of simple wizards to guide them through the process. It is advised to go through the Aha video demo to acquaint yourself with all the relevant features before you start working on your product.

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