Download free Christmas PowerPoint templates and other Christmas templates for different programs of MS Office. Here you can find good resources for Christmas including Holiday Gift List Template For Excel 2013 as well as Gift List template for PowerPoint and Excel or free Christmas illustrations and shapes for PowerPoint to make impressive greeting cards for Christmas with original greeting card messages.

Animated Winter Escape PowerPoint Template

Animated Winter Escape PowerPoint Template

Winter is such a magical season, when everything is covered with soft snow, and the soft yet warm blue glow. Guess what–you can channel the enchanting beauty of winter in your slides, thanks to PresenterMedia. The Animated Winter Escape PowerPoint Template can really make you want to take that winter escapade, with the template’s beautiful …

Animated Reindeer Christmas PowerPoint Template

Christmas Reindeer PowerPoint Template

The holidays are a special season of cheer and of course, magic. Christmas is a season that brings people together, and for business, it’s the same thing. So, whether you’re working in corporate or in your community, you’d want to have a PowerPoint presentation that perfectly reflects just what Christmas is all about. The Animated …

Animated Festive Lights PowerPoint Template

Animated Festive Lights PowerPoint Template

Lights can set the mood. As simple as a colored light bulb or a dimmed light fixture can change the mood in a room. The same can be done with the right kind of PowerPoint presentation. If you’re a presenter and you want to prime your audience, so to speak, proper lighting is important. Furthermore, …

Animated Christmas Toolkit For PowerPoint

The Animated Christmas Toolkit for PowerPoint is a comprehensive template for making all kinds of presentations tied to Christmas. The template essentially contains a wide variety of cheerful layouts and clipart that you can make use of for spreading the holiday cheer. With this template you can create anything from a presentation for your business …

Animated Christmas Nostalgia PowerPoint Template

An apple, an acorn, coffee in a mug placed on a rustic table might not seem like much of a Christmas theme but interestingly, the Animated Christmas Nostalgia PowerPoint Template makes good use of all of the aforementioned. This Christmas PowerPoint template gives a number of slide designs to help you make Christmas presentations using …

Animated Christmas Tags PowerPoint Template

Being a retailer, you might be looking to create a slideshow for your Christmas display with details about products on discount, or create a presentation about your products and services for a potential client. Likewise, people engaged in sales might want to create slideshows with some Christmas cheer to use them during the Holiday Season. …

Animated Hanging Ornaments PowerPoint Template

If you want a PowerPoint template with hanging Christmas ornaments, snowflakes, with a Christmas tree design, then the Animated Hanging Ornaments PowerPoint Template is just what you need. This animated presentation template comes with elegantly made slides which are perfect for making presentations related to Christmas or the Holiday Season in general.

Peas On Earth Animated Christmas PowerPoint Template


The holidays are just around the corner as the “ber” months start to roll. As early as now, many people may already be preparing for Christmas and the holiday season. Many may even be starting to eye Christmas gifts and Christmas cards, and many other things for this celebrated season.

Free Animated Snow PowerPoint Template

Every once in a while one comes across free PowerPoint templates which provide something exceptional. This might be an animation, a well-matched color tone or some nice clipart which gels quite well with specific topics. The Free Animated Snow Scene PowerPoint Template depicts a snowy landscape, with the animation of flying snowflakes.

Warm Christmas Wishes PowerPoint Template

Christmas is around the corner and like every year, there is a dire need for some presenters to step in and make some presentations for academic or official purposes; just before they can leave for their Christmas holidays. Warm Christmas Wishes PowerPoint Template is just the kind of template which can help presenters make Christmas …