Creative Ideas

Make Creative PowerPoint Bar Charts using LEGO Bricks

Sometimes we need to think new ways to keep our audience engaged and finding original and creative ideas around can help us to make better presentations using visual aids. This time we’d like to show you how to create artwork using LEGO bricks in Chrome that you can use to represent Charts as an alternative to traditional …

Idea Planner Template For Word Online

Stylish and Interesting Idea Planner Template for Brainstorming

Brainstorming is an activity where an individual or a group gets together to find a solution to a specific problem, or to come up with a central idea, by spontaneously gathering ideas as they come. This is a creative technique used by writers in publishing. It is also used in design, fashion and many more industries.

Five Creative Presentation Ideas

A creative touch to any dull and boring presentation can make it interesting and catchy. When you are presenting something before an audience, it has to be in such a way that your listeners feel like listening to you. There are a number of ways by which you can make your presentation attractive.

Animated Org Chart PowerPoint Templates

Org Chart can be a good visualization tool to explain the organizational structure in a company. If you need to download animated org chart for your presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint then templates like the following animated org chart can be really helpful. This animated template for PowerPoint is a tool kit PowerPoint template containing 15 …

How to Create a Popup Window inside a PowerPoint Slide

Today let’s see how to create a custom popup box in PowerPoint 2010 that can be useful for presentations when we need to show a tooltip or information in a new layer. This can be good for example if we need to explain charts or show address description over a PowerPoint map with pins. For …

3D Pyramid PowerPoint Templates Toolkit

If you need high quality and 3D Pyramid Illustrations for your presentations then the pyramids toolkit provided by PresenterMedia can be very handy. This pyramid template for PowerPoint contains five slides that you can copy and paste into your own business PowerPoint presentations. Pyramid Toolkit is prepared to be used in any business or PowerPoint …

How to Create a Photo Frame using Gradient and Advanced Image Processing Techniques in PowerPoint

If you wanted to learn about advancing image processing techniques in PowerPoint then this simple but useful article can help you to understand how to add a simple photo frame in PowerPoint 2010 using gradient fill and transparency. First, we will add a rectangle and fill it with a gradient fill style. The trick here …

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