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AP4 Project Managers is a web service that enables managing projects and collaborating with users online. The biggest advantage of using AP4 is the simplicity that it provides for adding tasks and managing teams for better project management and online collaboration. AP4 can be particularly useful for people using crowdsourcing services, as such contractors and employers often require online collaboration from remote locations. This service offers many basic utilities including the option to share project files with your team members. This may include anything from a PDF document to a PowerPoint file.

AP4 Project Managers

To use this service you can either create a free account or simply login with your Google or Facebook credentials. This way, you can save time by using your social media accounts for managing your team members by directly connecting via Google or Facebook. The free version of AP4 Project Managers offers 100MB of free storage space and the option to manage a single project. More enhanced options are available in the paid versions, including unlimited users, and the option to add projects, with more storage space. If you are a student or are running a non-profit organization, you can also contact the developer to get sponsored. The basic package costs €30 per month, whereas the standard package costs €80 per month. If you are looking to manage around 40 or more projects with storage space up to 80GB or more , then you can opt for the Premium account (worth €220 per month) or contact the developer to acquire the Enterprise package.

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Once logged in, you can add projects and invite users to collaborate with you online. In fact, you can add projects just like tasks and add a start and end date to keep an eye on the progress of each project. When collaborating with users you can share your project files, turn files to pending tasks, organize emails and messages, assign tasks to team members, track project deadlines and pending tasks, view tasks that have been delayed or completed and reassign tasks to team members.

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