Manage And Track Your Workforce And Client Leads With Salespod

Gone are the days when sales representatives had to submit details about their leads at the end of the day by going to the head office of their employer. Nowadays, customers prefer their work to be done as soon as possible and submitting a lead as quickly as possible can be the difference between a satisfied customer or the one who will probably never use your service again. If you are looking to speed up your lead submission and field collaboration, then there are a few good web services that you can use. Salespod is an excellent web service that can help you speed up lead management and collaboration between representatives, clients and the higher management. Being able to keep an eye on stats and to get real-time information can help you create better presentations (such as perhaps a PowerPoint presentation) with more accurate stats. Salespod

To start using Salespod, simply create a free account. Once your account has been created, you will be taken to a page from where you can acquire your mobile credentials and use the given links or Q.R. Code to install the Android or iPhone app for Salespod.

Mobile Applications

After you are logged in to your Dashboard, you can start managing the list of your clients and representatives. Client lists can even be imported by using a CSV file or a spreadsheet. If you are confused about the way Salespod works, then you can register for a free webinar, one on one demo or contact support.


Now, let’s take a look at an example to explain how you can benefit from the Salespod service. Let’s say that you are a manager in a window cleaning company who needs to take care of client leads and requires keeping an eye on the progress of sales representatives. In such a case you can use Salespod to collaborate with your team through text messages and Billboards. A Billboard enables management and sales personnel to instantly update product details such as the price of each unit, so that field workers can see the changes on their mobile devices. Similarly, you can also keep an eye on your team, change their route, see if they have finished their work, trace workers via GPRS, manage clients and reassign assignments to employees.


If you would like to take Salespod for a test drive, then sign up for a 30 day fully functional trial. The paid packages of Salespod includes the Merchandising (worth $25), Sales (worth $55) and the Full package (worth $125). Go to Salespod

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