Create Gantt Chart in PowerPoint

Last updated on November 22nd, 2022

Here we will show you how to create a Gantt Chart template for PowerPoint presentations. This Gantt chart PowerPoint template will be created from scratch so you can use it in our organization or for business projects.

Create Gantt Chart in PowerPoint

If we have a Gantt chart already created in another software, like Microsoft Excel or even in Microsoft Project, we may be interested to export it and open in PowerPoint. We can export it or just copy and paste since the interoperability between Microsoft programs are enough to complete this task.

But if we want to build our own Gantt chart in PowerPoint we have many different options and alternatives.

Use tables and shapes in PowerPoint

This option let you design simple Gantt charts in PowerPoint just using shapes and graphics.

KRM Published a Gantt Chart template in the official Office website that you can download for free. This template is only available for Excel, but you can export it and open the Gantt chart in PowerPoint.

download free gantt template for powerpoint

Use a 3rd. Gantt Chart diagram software

There are plenty of software available that are intended to be used for project management and usually you can export to PDF or PPT. This enables you to embed Gantt charts in PowerPoint with a few simple steps.

Use Gantter to create a Gantt chart project

Gantter is a free online tool that we can use to create Gantt projects. This tool is free and we can take advantage of the light interface similar to other Google tools like Google Docs to create nice Gantt projects easily. The tool also offer the chance to register for free and use the online Gantt cloud storage bringing the possibility to store projects online. Then we can export the project to Microsoft MS Project or other formats and embed it in a presentation in PowerPoint.

gantt chart templates ppt

Another nice feature of this online tool for Gantt projects is that we can use the free Gantt templates available when we create a new Gantt design. In the template manager we can find templates for common Gantt applications, including:

  • Project Management Plan
  • Startup Business Plan
  • Software Development Plan
  • Wedding Planner
  • Home Move Planner
  • IT Infrastructure Deployment Plan
  • New BusinessProject Planner
  • Office Move Planner
  • Training Rollout Project Planner
  • Website Development Project Planner
gantt project ppt template

Gantter also let use choose to enter Tasks, Resources and Calendar entries. Then we can export the files to Google Docs or as image.

Definitely, Gantter is a great alternative to Microsoft Project and other Gantt project tools for project management or planning.