Animated Wheel Future PowerPoint Template

Wheel illustrations can be used for depicting concepts like ‘futures wheel’ for visualizing possible future trends. Similarly, pie charts shaped like a half wheel can be used for forecasting trends, data analysis, projection of information, etc. Animated Wheel Future PowerPoint Template depicts animated wheel charts which can be used for constructing a pie chart, futures wheel and other types of illustrations for projecting data, trends and forecasts.

Wheel PowerPoint template with animations

Wheel Chart Illustrations

The slide deck starts with a wheel with space for adding a title and related information to the opening slide. You can use this section to introduce your topic, presenter and add other related information.

Animated wheel future PowerPoint template

Futures Wheel

If you’re making an illustration forecasting future events, you can use the different layouts to discuss your presentation topic in a set sequence. The second slide gives a small wheel illustration with space for adding text, followed by a large sample diagram of a wheel with supporting text.

Four point slide with wheel chart

Five, Four and Three Point Agenda Slides

All wheel illustrations load in an animated sequence from left to right. The second slide gives a four-point slide which can be used for adding a four-point agenda, comparison or to describe something in a sequence of four steps. You can also use the following slide to create a five-point slide with a large wheel illustration. This is a set of three slides that give a five, four and three-point agenda slides.

Five point wheel animation

Edit Animated Wheel Slides

Once the seven sample slides conclude, you are given instructions regarding editing animated content in the form of instructional slides. The last slide in the template can be customized to create a Q&A session slide to let your audience ask questions. This slide comes with a question mark, with sample text.

Three point wheel chart design

This wheel themed presentation template works with PC and Mac for PowerPoint. You can also learn about how to create circular diagrams in PowerPoint from our tutorials related to circular shapes in PowerPoint.

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