Animated Wheel Future PowerPoint Template

Wheel PowerPoint template with animations

Wheel illustrations can be used for depicting concepts like ‘futures wheel’ for visualizing possible future trends. Similarly, pie charts shaped like a half wheel can be used for forecasting trends, data analysis, projection of information, etc. Animated Wheel Future PowerPoint Template depicts animated wheel charts which can be used for constructing a pie chart, futures …

How to Make a Semi-circle in PowerPoint

Semi-circle diagrams in PowerPoint templates are common for different presentation topics. Anyone who has used PowerPoint for a while is likely to come across semi circle themed presentation templates. With a little effort you can create your own semi circle shapes in PowerPoint to construct technical models, custom diagrams, timelines and layouts.

Basic Shapes in PowerPoint 2010

Shapes in PowerPoint offers a powerful way to design diagrams and make graphics for your presentations. There are lot of different shapes available through the shapes menu in PowerPoint, however it is always good to recall what are the basic shapes in PowerPoint 2010 that we can use to make attractive slides and concept slides …

How to format a 3D sphere in PowerPoint

Shapes are powerful tool in PowerPoint, we have discussed about this in Using Shapes in PowerPoint . Using shapes we can not only make 2D figures and illustrations but also complex 3D spheres and designs, applying format options and gradients. Here we will show you how to convert 2D shapes in a simple 3D sphere …