How to Make a Semi-circle in PowerPoint

Semi-circle diagrams in PowerPoint templates are common for different presentation topics. Anyone who has used PowerPoint for a while is likely to come across semi circle themed presentation templates. With a little effort you can create your own semi circle shapes in PowerPoint to construct technical models, custom diagrams, timelines and layouts.

Half Picture Circle With Accent Arcs For PowerPoint


If you are looking for a presentation theme that has a global outlook mixed with a nature theme, the Half Picture Circle with Accent Arcs for PowerPoint is for you. This free PowerPoint template is a general-purpose template that you can use and reuse for free for any presentation for office, school, organization, or personal use.

How To Create 3D Quadrant Circle in PowerPoint For Making Business Diagrams

Circular shapes are often used for representing business diagrams and analysis. Quadrant circles for instance are many a times used when representing a SWOT Analysis, Pest Analysis, or a Boston Matrix.

How to Insert a Quarter Circle Shapes in PowerPoint 2010

Many users may be interested to insert a quarter circle shape in their presentations. Then you can for example duplicate the quarter circle and create a quad matrix or quad PowerPoint chart. This can be done with SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint but if you want to do it manually to have whole control on the …

Working with Shapes in PowerPoint 2010 Templates

By using shapes you can create nice graphics for your PPT presentation templates. Shapes are very useful to decorate your slides with nice colorful graphics or to make diagrams. You can also combine simple shapes to get complex shapes by using set operations (union, intersect, subtract) and get nice results like the dice shape in …