Circular Shapes

Learn how to draw circular shapes in PowerPoint including big arrows, circles and other oval shapes using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and shapes.

Best Circular Diagrams & Templates For Presentations

Circular diagrams are a good way of presenting information in visual form, especially processes which are cyclic in nature. Diagrams and templates which provide sample circular models are easier to edit than making your own diagrams using applications like PhotoShop or PowerPoint.

Circle Chart Template for PowerPoint Presentations

If you need to insert a circle chart template or circle diagram in PowerPoint presentations then you can use this free circle chart template that we have prepared for presentations. This free circle chart template is a free circle PowerPoint template design that you can use to make stunning presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can …

How to Draw a Circular Arrow in PowerPoint 2010 using Shapes

Once upon a time you need to create circular arrows for your presentation slides. In PowerPoint you can create this kind of circular arrows by using different approaches. One approach can be using a normal arrow style or big arrow shape and then edit the points to make it curve. You can make curve arrows …