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The Summer season has arrived and it’s time to go on a relaxing vacation, or maybe you can simply take your children to the nearby beach! Whatever the case may be, summer is probably the season when people take a lot of snaps to capture memorable moments with friends and family. Putting these moments together may be quite laborious, unless you have a nice background and template to get things done. Similarly, vacation related jobs may require compiling a PowerPoint Presentation to show different stats, ideas, plans and forecasts for company profits. Whether you are looking for a PowerPoint Template to create a slideshow for your memorable moments or need a good template for making summer related presentations, Summers Here PowerPoint Template is a perfect template for the job.

Summers Here PowerPoint Template

Suitable For Personal, Academic And Business Purposes

Like the various other Presenter Media Animated Templates reviewed at FPPT, this Animated PowerPoint Template is fully customizable for making animated presentations for academic, personal or business use. The below image shows one of the sample slides with place holders for photos.

Suitable For Personal, Academic And Business Purposes

Customizable Summer Template With Editable Objects

The template comes with various summer landscape slides, with place holders and editable objects that can be customized right down to their size and color. It has everything that you may need for making an eye-catching summer themed presentation, including; palms trees, water, island and ocean images, sunset and sunrise, tropical beach sky, umbrella shine, watermelon, camera and tourism related clipart and more. As you can see from the screenshot shown below, you can customize the objects within sample slides by using default PowerPoint options, such as the Drawing Tools. To change the color of an object, simply click on it and select a preferred Shape Fill or  Shape outline color or select an effect/style.

Customizable Summer Template With Editable Objects

Available in Standard And Widescreen Format

This Animated PowerPoint Template is available both in Standard and Widescreen format. The latter can be quite useful for users who don’t have PowerPoint 2013, as previous versions don’t provide true Widescreen support by default. If you are looking for another good season themed template, you may find the Spring Time PowerPoint Template of interest.


You can download both the Standard and Widescreen version of this PowerPoint Template from the links given below. The Summers Here PowerPoint Template works with:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and PowerPoint 2013 (Windows)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 and PowerPoint 2011 (Mac OS X)
  • Keynote 09 For Both Mac OS X and iPad

Go to Presenter Media –  Summers Here PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Summers Here PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

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