Animated Environment PowerPoint Templates

Conserving the environment, global warming, renewable energy, sustainable development and eco-friendly solutions are many of the buzz words resonating across various sectors, especially the development sector. Sometimes, one might have to present something related to the environment to keep up with the requirements of the corporate culture or to be a part of celebrations for events like Earth Day.

Whether you have a bright idea that can have a positive social impact or you need to come up with a PowerPoint presentation for your organization at an event, the following Animated Environment PowerPoint Templates can be your guide.

Animated environmentPowerPoint templates

Animated Earth Renewed PowerPoint Template

While having quite a generic theme, this template is more focused towards greener aspects of environmental issues. The template features animated slides with a rotating globe animation, as well as sample charts, tables, environment themed diagrams, clipart images and more.

Other than PowerPoint (Windows and Mac), you can also download a .KEY version of this template for use on iPad or Mac.

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Animated earth renewed PowerPoint template

Animated Environmental Puzzle PowerPoint Template

With animated puzzle pieces laying out sample, editable diagrams, this is an amazing template for anyone who wants to make a presentation about the environment. The central theme of the template is based on animated leaves which assemble like puzzle pieces in diagrammatic form.

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Animated environmental puzzle PowerPoint template

Earth Flower PowerPoint Template

While you will not find any fancy animations in this template however, it is a good slide deck for covering environment awareness and conservation themed presentation topics. The template has all you can need for making robust presentations, including SmartArt Graphics, eye-catching imagery, clipart and the like.

The primary image that is present throughout the entire template is that of Earth blooming out of a flower. This template is also available for Keynote.

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Animated earth flower PowerPoint template

Green Earth Clipart

This image shows a plant growing out of a green colored Earth. This symbolic image can be used for a variety of environment related topics. You can download this clipart in transparent, white or a custom colored background.

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Green earth clipart

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