Animated Thief PowerPoint Templates

Want to make a presentation about organized crime or espionage? We have just the templates that can get you started with your pursuit of crime themed presentations! See our collection of Animated Thief PowerPoint Templates given below to steal the show at your next presentation.

Animated Criminal PowerPoint Template

Whether you have a crime related presentation topic to present or just want to look a bit dramatic, this template can help you make your audience smile as you steal their interest. The template contains a video animation of a thief, which is also shown being chased by a police officer in some slides.

This template is available for Keynote and PowerPoint, including the very latest versions like PowerPoint 2016 and Keynote 09.

Go to Presenter Media – Criminal Pursuit PowerPoint Template

Animated criminal PowerPoint template

Retro Spy Video Background Template for PowerPoint

This is a video background for PowerPoint which requires you to add custom text (and optionally an image) before you can download it. Just visit the link below, add your text and download the template either as a PowerPoint presentation file or as a video. Your added text and logo will appear within the video animation when the spy opens the file stolen from the safe.

Go to Presenter Media – Retro Spy Video Background Template for PowerPoint

Retro spy PowerPoint template

Thief Text Video Background for PowerPoint

This is an excellent video animation template where a thief is shown infiltrating a house, where a treasure chest is shown with custom text. You can add text to suit your needs and download this video animation as a PowerPoint or video file.

Go to Presenter Media – Thief Text Video Background for PowerPoint

Thief text video background for PowerPoint

Running With Money Pound Bags Animation

This GIF animation is available in multiple resolutions. It depicts a stick figure running with money bags. You can include this GIF is an animated clipart image in your presentations.

Go to Presenter Media – Running With Money Pound Bags Animation

Running with money pound bags

Thief Running With Money Bags Static Clipart

This static clipart also shows a thief running with money bags. The difference between the above animation and this image is that the former is a GIF animation whereas this is a static image available as a PNG and JPG image.

Go to Presenter Media – Thief Running With Money Bags Static Clipart

Thief running with money bags static clipart

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