Animated Raise Your Hands PowerPoint Template

A gesture with a hand raised in the air can express various types of emotions. The Animated Raise Your Hands PowerPoint Template is a unique template which makes use of hand gesture illustrations to help you present your point of view.

Give a Powerful Message with a Simple Gesture

With the various gestures depicted in this template you can design your slides by giving out powerful messages with the use of simple illustrations. Each animated slide comes with a different gesture, with space for adding text to define the gesture. You can also create a top five countdown using the five different slides starting from one to five finger raises.

Easy to Customize Hand Gesture Illustrations

By default, the hand gestures come in different colors. You can however change the colors of the hands, as well as copy and reuse hand gestures in slides.

Design Your Own Slides with Hand Illustrations

There are also various symbols provided within various slides that you can use for giving out a message suitable to your presentation topic. The slide shown below provides various symbols for email, shopping cart, camera, phone and settings (gear icons). You can also insert your own clipart along with the available hand illustrations to create a custom slide with a specific message.

Similarly, the image below shows one of the slides with percentages written on the hand illustrations. These are editable text-boxes that you can customize with your own data to reveal statistical information in a unique and interesting manner.

If you wish to create text heavy slides, you can always opt for the given layouts with one and two column text. There are a total of 10 slides in this slide deck, each with its own unique layout, which can be edited down to small slide objects.

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