Free Hand Gestures PowerPoint Template

Body language is not to be taken lightly. This is particularly true if you’re in a professional environment where everything you do gets noticed and perceived in a very specific manner. The Free Hand Gestures PowerPoint Template is all about body language, or more specifically hand gestures and how they can impact your audience.

Perfect for Making Body Language & Communication Related Slide Decks

Different slides in this free PowerPoint template reveal various hand gestures that can help you make presentations about communication and body language. The available gestures shown in this template include; a thumbs up, thumbs down, clenched fist, as well as an illustration of a hand holding a megaphone.

Editable Slide Objects

The good thing about this template is that the hand gesture illustrations are made up of editable objects which makes it extremely easy to customize slides. You can not only make use of the given hand gesture slides in their original form but also heavily customize slides by changing the look of default illustrations.

Incorporate Individual Illustrations in Your Presentations

Other than communication and body language related presentations, you can also copy individual slides for creating standalone slides for a presentation with famous hand gestures such as a thumbs up or thumbs down. You can add text-boxes to give a custom title to these hand gestures to suit your needs, as well as edit the megaphone slide by adding your own text to the words coming out of the megaphone.

You can download this Free Hand Gesture PowerPoint Template from the Slide Hunter website.

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