Animated Puzzle Pieces PowerPoint Template With Stick Figures

We previously reviewed the Puzzle Pieces Toolkit for PowerPoint and have covered several Animated PowerPoint Templates with stick figure animations. Connect This Piece is a PowerPoint Template which brings a mixture of both stick figures and puzzle piece animations.

Connect This Piece PowerPoint Template

As the name suggests, this is an animated template with various animated slides depicting puzzle pieces. With the available slides you can create anything from sequential slides (such as timelines) to generic text-rich slides and even slides which may have little or no text (e.g. image slides).

Connect This Piece PowerPoint Template

Suitable For Business, Team Building, Gaming And Networking Themed Presentations

A few of the many topics where this template may come in handy includes business presentations, presentations about teamwork and team building, computer or social networking presentations and even topics related to gaming. For example, you can use the puzzle images to create symbolic slides related to a group connecting together to create a winning combination, an organization, team building, etc.

Team Building Presentations

Editing the given sample slides is easy, just add your text and images and run the presentation template as a Slide Show to present your slides. The animated content will mashup with your added images and text to automatically create an animated template.

Puzzle Timeline Slide

Connect This Piece PowerPoint Template is compatible with:

  • PowerPoint 2003-2013 (PC)
  • PowerPoint 2008-2011 (Mac)

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Teamwork Pass Puzzle Pieces Animated Clipart

This is a GIF animation of stick figures passing puzzle pieces. Being a generic clipart you can use it in a variety of ways, for any topic which may suit the animation. You can insert the GIF animation in presentation slides or download the animation as a Flash or MOV file to use it in other type of projects.

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Teamwork Pass Puzzle Pieces Animated Clipart

Team Puzzle Finish Clipart

This is a clipart available in PNG and JPG format which shows two stick figures working as a team to add a missing puzzle piece. This clipart can be ideally used for topics which suit the Connect This Piece PowerPoint Template, such as team building, team work, connectivity, etc.

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Team Puzzle Finish Clipart

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