Animated PowerPoint Template With Transparent Shapes Over Picture

If you want to showcase a landscape, photograph or work of art, then you would not need many animations or images to distract the audience from what you have to show. However, you can still create animations that would make your presentations remain interesting, exciting, and even unexpected. 

The Animated PowerPoint Template with Transparent Shapes Over Picture is a subtly animated template that you can use to draw your audience’s attention from your image to your text. This template contains effects that direct your audience to your message or main idea. You can also use this template to serve as a cover letter for your presentations.

Beautiful Landscape with Animated Text and Transparency Effect

Set in PowerPoint 2013 yet still compatibility with older PowerPoint versions, you can easily highlight–even flaunt–your amazing images because of this template’s widescreen format, giving you clearer, more vivid images with optimum readability.

This template contains a single slide that contains a sample image of a lake reflecting the snowy mountains in the background. It has a calming imagery to it, especially with the use of subtle and cool colors. There is also sample text that are placed on the top and bottom parts of the slide. It uses transparency in pictures and shapes to bring out your message. The animations are built in with the template so all you have to do is to change the text to your own phrases, titles, subtitles, or words.

Built In Animations Allow You to Make Your Slideshows More Intersting

The animation effect starts with a transparent shape overlay on the whole slide and then it slowly shrinks into shape as two differently colored rounded square shape. One is in a transparent white color while the other is in transparent black. Then for each shape is sample text that you can change for your own.

You can also customize the sample image to change it to your own photo from your own computer. As for the text, you can change the theme and font style and font colors to suit your own presentation theme or branding. You have the option of building your presentation around this slide template by adding new slides and choosing from a wide array of professionally designed layouts. Alternatively, you can also simply copy and paste this template to your own existing slideshow.

Change the Formatting to Customize to Your Own Brand or Personality

This template is perfect for hospitality, tourism, travel, photography, landscaping, art, fashion, real estate, and so many more.

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