Dead Mans Hand Illustration For PowerPoint Presentations

If you are looking for a presentation template that has an old-world or wild west style, you may find yourself taking up a lot of time for the search. If you ever find something that has the theme you want in mind, it may not be exactly what you want. So why not create one for yourself?

Dead mans hand clipart

Customizable Dead Man’s Hand Clipart

The Dead Mans Hand Illustration for PowerPoint Presentations is a professionally designed clipart that shows a set of cards that are stained and old, thus the metaphor. The hand, or set of five cards, show two pairs, one of aces and the other of eights, with one card still turned down. This clipart shows a typical hand in poker, where a player does not know if the hand is worth betting on or not.

This dead man’s hand illustration is a famous hand in poker, which is usually composed of two pairs and one unknown card. This hand is supposedly part of an old wild west folklore, when an Old West hero was murdered while holding these set of cards.

Dead mans hands customizable clipart

Change Cards and Background Color

You can use this clipart for your own PowerPoint presentation, which you can use for many types or topics of presentations. These include folklore, history, cowboys, western, old movies, gambling, casinos, superstition, and many more. It can also be used for business, organizational, school or personal presentations that you merely want to spruce up with a western or casino theme.

Another remarkable feature of this premium clipart is that you can customize many aspects of the image to suit your presentation theme or preference. You can change the image size, file type, brightness, saturation, shadow, and reflection. You also have an option of downloading various file types and sizes.

Dead mans hand clipart with increased saturation

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