How to Add Transparency to a Picture in PowerPoint 2010

By default when you insert a Picture using the traditional method in PowerPoint, you won’t be able to adjust the transparency level of the image or picture. But there is a workaround to this problem if you want to adjust the transparency of an image in PowerPoint 2010.

The workaround to add transparency to PowerPoint images that we will show here uses shapes. You need to draw a shape and fill the background with an image. Then you will be able to control the transparency of the background. This method will help to add transparency to any image in PowerPoint slides and you can use it to add a watermark in your slides or just to make your images with transparency effect.

How to Add Transparency to a Picture in PowerPoint 2010

To summarize, the steps you need to follow to add transparent images in PowerPoint are:

  1. Add a new shape (ie: rectangular shape)
  2. Choose the Format Options and Fill background using Pictures
  3. Adjust the transparency level to the desired percentage
  4. Accept the changes

This video will help to understand how it works.

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