Animated Open & Closed Doors PowerPoint Template

Open and closed doors can be metaphorically used in presentations related to career coaching, business, marketing, etc. The Animated Open and Closed Doors Template for PowerPoint by Presenter Media can be used for depicting the open and closed doors metaphor with the aid of professionally crafted animated slides.

Use the Open and Closed Doors Metaphor to Highlight your Topic

Whether you are looking to lift the spirits of your sales team after a bad quarter or wish to present career related advice, this template can help you make thought provoking slides with ease.

Open and closed doors PowerPoint template

The template provides animated door themed slides depicting open and closed doors. There are also static layouts in this PowerPoint Template in case you wish to avoid using the animated layouts. The various layouts provide sample textboxes for adding your content, while you can also insert charts, clipart and images to customize the given layouts.

Open doors animation

Customize Layouts According to Need

With 10 sample slides you are given a head start to create anything from text-heavy slides to bulleted lists, picture slides and the like. You can also rearrange objects using drag and drop to create your own custom layouts and also duplicate slides to create a continuity for a sub-topic.

Customize door layouts

Multiple Door Layouts

There are even layouts which depict multiple doors. This can be used to present the dilemma of choosing a path among multiple choices; each of which might lead to a different outcome. This can help you emphasize the need for careful considerations during decision making, the need to take meaningful risks and to look out for possible opportunities.

Multiple door layouts

You can download this animated door themed presentation template for both Apple’s keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint.

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