Home Construction Budget Template For Excel

Home construction is one of the most expensive investments you have to make for yourself and your family. If you are looking to create your dream home, you have to carefully plan everything while ensuring that you stay within your budget. And this is why this next template will be perfect for you.


The Home Construction Budget Template for Excel provides a premade table where you can type in your Project Name, Description, Contractor, License Number, Contact Information, Website, Phone, and address.

Below these details is the budget information in the Financial Status table. This includes the Cash Amount, Financed Amount, Total Allotted Funds, Funds Used to Date, and Funds Remaining. Across it is a corresponding pie chart that automatically updates as the Financial Status table is being updated.


The table data automatically updates and reflects on the chart, allowing you to easily see if you are going over your budget or sticking to it. With its beautiful layout and clean look, the table and pie chart can also easily be embedded into presentations and other reports. To further customize this, you can simply change the theme and color scheme of the table and chart. You can also go ahead and manually modify all other design elements to suit your own preference, or branding.

The second tab is the Itemized Expenses, which also contains the details of the project as well as the funds allocated, used, and remaining. You can also update this tab by entering your construction item, its category, and amount. These details are classified into two categories: Labor and Material.


This template can be used not only in home construction but in home renovations, or if you are a small construction or consulting firm and you need to be within the contract’s budget. This template can help you keep track of your construction project to ensure that the funds are being spent on where they should be. In addition, the template can be useful for reports to your clients.

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