Verify & Clean Contacts in Excel With Business Verification App

Setting up a business is easier than running it smoothly in order to accomplish the targeted goals. If you are a business person, you must be quite sure of the challenges you face every day. Keeping and maintaining records related to customers using Excel is not an easy task.

You may not be the only one, every business undergoes through this kind of situation. The employees get data from corporate systems like ERP, CRM etc and add it to Excel sheets. At one time, this will make data useful as it allows you to graph, compare and share data in a user-friendly format such as PowerPoint. But, the downfall is, sharing data using this approach can result in errors and you know how hard is to fix errors in spreadsheets.

Business verification app

Using D&B’s Business Verification App is the perfect solution to this problem as it lets you verify and clean business names in Excel. The app allows the Excel users to make a comparison between the lists of different company names and contact information having confirmed D&B records. So, when you are looking at a list of 40 providers, 500 customers or 6000 prospects, you can very easily click the button and have a check on the names, contact numbers, addresses, etc in order to ensure that your Excel sheet data is absolute and accurate. Not only this, the app eliminates redundancy and flags duplicate records by recognizing and matching entities using D&B D-U-N-S Number, even if they have distinct business names.

Moreover, the recently released version of D&B Business Solutions allows you to search a database of more than 200 companies worldwide by specifying characteristics such as location, size and type. So, this is a great app for business managers for evaluating new partners and for the marketing and sales professionals as it will help them in identifying and targeting prospective clients.

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