Door Hanger Flyers Template For Word

Nothing gives more direct marketing with consumers than giving out flyers. You can have your employees go out of the store and hand out flyers to passersby and afterwards, these potential customers can ask for more details from your employees. Once you get the customers’ attention, they may want to instantly head to your store. This is the power of effective marketing and you can easily harness it using this next template. 

Car Wash Fundraiser Door Hanger Template

The Door Hanger Flyers Template for Word can help you create highly interesting and compelling flyers for your store just by customizing it with your own brand. The template is in Word 2013 but is also compatible with earlier versions. The template is designed to be standard and easily customizable for any business establishment, organization, event or other activity.

The template is specially designed as a door hanger, which you can conveniently hang on the front doors as you canvass your neighborhood or community. The template perfectly fits two door hanger flyers in one standard letter-size paper. You can simply cut up the flyers to size and follow the guide to cut a circle hole in the upper part of the flyer to fit into door knobs.

Fit Two Door Hanger Flyers in One Page

The template’s design is standard and can be used for many marketing needs such as sales promos, event invitations, store opening, and more. To guide you with customizing the door hanger flyer template for your own use, there are sample text and images of a car wash fundraiser. This is why there are vector images of cars and vans as well as circle bubble images. Using these preset images, you can create flyers for your own car wash business, as well as for car repairs, car dealership, and other similar establishments.

For other marketing uses, you can simply change the header or event title on top of the flyers. You can also change the details underneath. There are placeholders for a fundraiser, such as Beneficiary, Location, Event Date, Address, and Time. You can change these details for your own event or business marketing activity.

Customize to Your Brand and Company

To further customize this template, you can easily change the themes and design of the template to match your company or organization colors.

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