Burgundy Waves Business Cards Template For Word

Despite many advancements in technology and gadgets, many people still rely on business cards to help them introduce themselves as they network. Business cards are the most basic tool, not only for business but for personal use as well. They are used for exchanging contact information, as well as for marketing products and services. It is through business cards that other people first get an impression of what your company or brand is all about.

Business cards template

Elegant Business Card Template

The Burgundy Waves Business Cards Template for Word is an elegant template that can suit anyone in any industry. The template can be used by everyone in a company or organization, or for personal use.

This business card template has a swooping wave design in coordinating colors. What’s best is that this template is free and you can print business cards on your own by making changes to the sample content.


Standard & Fully Customizable Design

Set in a standard letter-sized paper, this template provides a set of 10 printable business cards; expertly laid out so every business card is identical. There are also identical placeholders on each business card, one for a name, company name, and position name on the front side. The back side of the business card has the same identical burgundy waves pattern. It also has sections to add contact information such as telephone, mobile number, email address, and website.

You can personalize the template for your company or organization by adding your brand. You can also format the burgundy waves to change them into different colors to complement your brand or logo.


By going to the Design menu in the Ribbon, you can choose the Themes, Style Set, Colors, and Fonts to change the appearance of your business card but still keep it elegant and professional-looking.

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