Animated Chemistry PowerPoint Template

Getting things done with the right mix of resources is a matter of chemistry! Just like mixing those colorful chemicals in a lab to make things work (you guessed it right, I have nothing to do with chemistry or chemical science). However, if you are someone who needs a chemistry themed presentation template to depict convoluted scientific processes or just to symbolically talk about the ‘chemistry’ between your co-workers and subordinates, you might want to use Mixing The Formulas Chemistry Animated PowerPoint Template.

Chemistry Related Slide Layouts and Animations

This is a classic chemistry themed template which starts with an animated slide depicting a chemistry experiment.

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Animated chemistry PowerPoint template

Suitable for Topics Related to Science, Business and Education

You can use this animated title slide to not only introduce topics tied to actual scientific information but even to cover symbolic topics such as finding the right formula for success, chemistry between a team and the need for careful consideration when making business decisions, for making a presentation for your chemistry class, etc.

Flask and chemistry book

The point is that despite a chemistry layout, you don’t necessarily have to use the layouts literally for covering an actual chemistry experiment. This is because you can change the color of slide objects, add or remove them as you please and insert additional material to customize your slides as you need to.

Test tubes with chemistry layout

Create Custom Chemistry Diagrams and Infographics

You can edit the sample layouts to create your own diagrams, infographics or include charts. You can not only edit the sample slides but add new ones, as well as mix and mash slide designs from within the template to generate new slides.

Chemistry infographic

Chemistry Clipart Images

There are clipart images that can help you create your custom layouts, however, as mentioned earlier you can also add your own images according to need. Once you have created a custom layout, the animations and transitions will merge with your content. You can preview all changes in Slide Show mode.

Chemistry clipart

Mixing The Formulas PowerPoint Template is available in Standard and Widescreen format for download via Presenter Media.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Chemistry PowerPoint Template (Standard Edition)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Chemistry PowerPoint Template (Widescreen Edition)

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