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Last updated on September 21st, 2023

You might have noticed those flashy billboard signs with large bold text that is big and colorful enough to instantly get noticed. Billboards use the least amount of text, yet can be extremely effective for advertising, since you can present your product or service using a handful of words and usually a single image. Basic Design for You is the name of an animated business promotion PowerPoint template which can be perfect for making presentations and slideshows with bold, colorful text.

Basic design for you PowerPoint template

Sample Slides with Animated 3D Text

What makes this PPT template with 3D text quite useful for making promotional presentations and slideshows is the 3D animated text which splashes on the screen. Not only is the text colorful and large enough to grab attention but can be an effective means of conveying a message to a potential client in an instance. This might include a products name, slogan or perhaps information about a special discount.

3D text with animations

Of course, you can also use this template for making presentations for topics other than business, wherever you might deem the sample graphics to be appropriate enough to match the presentation topic.

Comparison slide with 3D text

Interesting Animations for Revealing your Message & Quotes

There are a number of animations that reveal the text. One of the slides replaces existing text with new letters that fall from the top of the screen, while another slide has pre-rendered animations which splash the text-boxes one by one, as you switch the slide. The animations in this template can therefore be perfect for revealing a message or quote.

Animated 3d slide with custom message

Change Theme Colors

The tooltips within slides give instructions for customizing the sample text. You can also change the theme colors and drag to rearrange the letters.

Change theme for 3D template

You can also add additional text and images to further customize your slides. For example, you might want to add an image which goes with the text to more effectively convey your message to an audience.

3D text presentation template for PowerPoint

You can preview the animated slides from the download page before opting to download the template via Presenter Media. The slide preview should give you an idea how each slide will be revealed in Slide Show mode in PowerPoint.

Go to Presenter Media – Basic Design for You Animated PowerPoint Template

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