Analyze Data and Simplify Calculations in Excel with Analystix

In today’s changing business landscape, the role of people in finance has also changed. Not only are they in charge of sole bookkeeping and watching out for the bottom line. They are also expected to watch out for trends and analyze insights that can help in guiding the business. By doing this, financial analysts and other people involved in the finance department of any business organization, can take on a more strategic role in the company. And this is why, more than ever, businesses need Analystix. This simple add-in can help analyze data and simplify calculations in Excel.

Open Excel to Use Analystix

Analyze Financial Data Easily with Analystix

Analystix is every business analyst’s best pal. It can help you simplify, streamline, and improve financial analysis. While you know your job as financial analysts, there are tools that can help you work more efficiently while still maintaining the accuracy and integrity of your data. And this is where Analystix comes in.

Analystix can help you automate routine tasks that don’t require a lot of thinking or decision-making. This alone can shave off hours off your job, making you more productive and less stressed. Furthermore, Analystix also allows you to easily calculate complex equations and come up with accurate answers.

With Analystix, you can find that your job of analyzing data and gathering insight becomes much easier and faster, with great results in terms of data accuracy. You also have much improved access to data.

Cost of Capital Calculator by Analystix

Seamlessly Use Analystix within Excel

Microsoft Excel is widely used for all kinds of spreadsheet work. In finance, many people rely on Excel to accomplish tasks such as balance sheets, expense reports, tracking trends, and so many more.

With the Analystix as an add-in to Excel, you can work within Excel’s familiar environment. You don’t have to download a new app and learn a new program to use Analystix. All you have to do is to download the add-in and work with it with your Excel spreadsheets.

This poses one great advantage because people who are already using Excel and have their files and financial models in the program don’t have to migrate to a different program. Everything is compatible across most Excel versions in use today.

Histogram Builder for Excel by Analystix

With Analystix, you can create financial modeling, calculate cost of debt, cost of equity, cost of capital, and cost of gross sales. You can also forecast revenue over the next years, as well as create histograms for better visualization of data. Furthermore, you can forecast trends and other financial data for apparel and accessories retail as well as in real estate. This means the add-in has many applications across many industries.

Calculate for Cumulative Average Annual Growth

Free Financial Analysis Tool for Excel

Best of all, Analystix is developed by a financial analyst, so he knows the challenges that the industry and the position face today. Analystix is created to address these issues and make financial analysis a breeze even for those who are not really adept at financial analysis. The interface is very user-friendly, and even the Analystix portal offers tutorials to help anyone create financial data and documents.

Analystix can be downloaded and used for free, and comes with an installation tutorial.

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